Anker Trucking specializing in heavy hauling.

Anker Trucking Inc. does a variety of specialized hauling and emergency service work for a wide spectrum of customers. Though we do haul over the road, we generally specialize in regional hauls of 300 miles or less. In addition to being known for the hauling of industrial as well as construction equipment, our customers learn to count on Anker's expertise regarding the movement of heavy equipment and machinery.

The company currently owns several well-maintained semi-tractors and numerous semi-trailers which consist of LowBoys ranging from 30-70 ton with 18" to 24" deck height, Stretch LowBoys 40 and 55 ton with 29" to 50' deck lengths at 22" deck height, 30 ton Tilt Bed Trailer with a 20 ton wench, Single Drops with 40" deck height, Stretch Flatbeds at 102" wide x 48' to 80' extended 3 axle, Flatbeds, and Eleven Axle Tractor/Trailer with 140,000 pound capacity to fulfill your heavy hauling needs .

Regardless of whether your load is legal, wide, high or overweight, whether it requires permits or special routing, Anker Trucking has the experience to get it there for you safely and on time.

Construction equipment of all kinds:

  • Industrial presses / stamping machines
  • Tanks
  • Plastic injection molding machines
  • Entire plant moves
  • Chillers
  • Generators

Anker Red Truck

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